effects of acid rain


Acid rain is an environmental problem that affects areas all around the world. It is the result of sulfur and oxide mixing with moisture for the sky. The pollutants get into the air by fossil fuels, vehicle emissions, and factory exhaust. Acid rain is considered to be one of the largest environmental problems facing the world today.

Acid rain the areas of Europe and North America have seen a dramatic increase in the past decade. Some areas contain anywhere from 10 to 70% more acid than normal. The higher the acid level, the more damage is done to living and non living objects. The environment as a whole suffers. Humans, forests, trees, lakes, animals, and plants all suffer from the effects of acid rain.

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Trees are a natural resource. They provide wood, protect against the elements, and provide shelter to wildlife. As trees are destroyed by acid rain, the things that depend on the trees for survival are also affected. It is a downward spiral that continues out of control. Lakes that are damaged by acid rain cause the water and fish to become contaminated. When the fish die, the main source of food for the birds is destroyed. If the area is extremely full of acid rain, the fish eggs may die before even hatching, reducing the amount of food available as well.

Studies are continually being conducted on the effects of acid rain on humans. It can destroy our land and contaminate our food. The main concern is toxic metals. These metals can find their way into drinking water, crops, or animals that we eat. Consuming these items can lead to nerve damage and brain damage. Some researchers think that acid rain can be linked to Alzheimers as well. Respiratory problems in humans resulting from acid rain are common in many areas of the world with high levels of acid. The symptoms include a dry cough, asthma, headaches, and irritations in the eyes, nose, and throat. Taking all this into consideration, the United States and Canada signed the Air Quality Agreement in 1991. The purpose of the agreement is to reduce the effects of acid rain.

effects of acid rain


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effects of acid rain